Through-out his life, Cian has seen wonders beyond the imaginations of the world's most brilliant minds. This is a recollection of his travels.

Before Immortality (394-416)Edit

  • September 30th, 394: Icarus Black is born in Col Hen
  • February 1st, 398: Cian Black is born in Col Hen.
  • 403: A fire engulfs the village of Col Hen, destroying all in it's path.
  • 405: Cian and his father, William, were performing tricks for the king. The final trick was William shooting an apple off Cian's head.
  • 408: The rebuilt village of Col Hen is renamed Camelot by orders of the king.
  • February 1st, 416: Cian and Icarus become immortal, as punishment, after stealing vegetables from Barnibus The Merlin

The First Journals (416 - 509)Edit

  • February 1st, 416: Cian & Icarus stop aging.
  • February 2nd, 416: Cian starts his journals.
  • April 15th, 419: Cian is crowned king of Camelot.
  • 422: Cian chooses a village man by the name of Otter Pendragon to be king and father to his children.
  • 434: Cian's son, Uther, is crowned King of Camelot.
  • 436-497: Cian lives in solitude in a cabin in the forest surrounding Camelot. He goes to the village on very few occasions, hearing rumors about Uther's son, and "winged demons". Cian finds the language of the dragons.

Arthur & Nottingham (510-1167)Edit

  • 515: Arthur Pendragon is crowned King of Camelot.
  • 518: Cian forges Excalibur using a method he learned from the dragon writings.

Sherwood & Italy (1168- 1498)Edit

  • November 24th, 1497: Cian begins working on a machine that will "possibly bring an end to the world as we know it."

Da Vinci's Apprentice & Pre-Civil War (1499 - 1863)Edit

  • October 29th, 1517: Cian & Icarus arrives in Essex, England.
  • March 14th, 1523: Cian meets with Ezio Auditore & becomes the 2nd owner of the Museum of the Impossible.
  • Janurary 27th, 1590: Cian & Icarus arrive in the abandoned colony of Roanoke to retrieve a "special" carving knife. 
  • April 19th, 1692: Cian begins using the alias William Blackman. 
  • 1692-1698: The Salem Witch Trials. This is not a good time for Cian and Icarus.  

Civil War & Aftermath (1863 - Present)Edit

  • October 8th, 1863: Cian & Icarus leaves London for the United Sates on request from president Abraham Lincoln.
  • December 12th, 1936: Cian & Icarus begin working as "special consultants" for Walt Disney Pictures
  • August 7th, 1947: Cian Arrives in Roswell, New Mexico, and stays there for several months.

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